What we are all about.

Welcome to Handbound, a place filled with rich, buttery leather and all the wonderful things that can be crafted from it.

Everything you see here is hand-crafted one at a time with as much care and attention to detail as a love of leathercraft and a significant dose of OCD can bestow.

You will hopefully find what you are looking for, whether it be a journal, artbook, purse, arm cuff, or whatever else I happen to have up at the moment. If you don't, I take great joy in helping create the unique item that you want, so check out the Custom Consult link for some information on that route.

For those of you interested in the betterment of our environment, I use sustainably-sourced paper such as bamboo and cotton, recycled paper, or paper with an Forestry Stewardship Council COC certification (https://ic.fsc.org). Furthermore, all the dyes used in hand-dyed items are low-VOC, which means there are less harmful vapors heading into our atmosphere.

So, come on in, browse a bit, and let me put you in something awesome; you know you deserve it.